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WaveCel Science

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Driven by Science

People believe that most helmets are created equal.
They are not…

  • Most hardhats
  • Rely on air space protection
  • Air space between the IMPACT and YOU
  • Top crown offers zonal barrier
  • Linear impact protection
  • WaveCel
  • 360° Impact protection
  • WaveCel engineered to absorb LINEAR and ROTATIONAL impact
  • WaveCel innovation - Flex, Crumple & Glides
  • Safeguards across the whole hard hat

What drives us

Traumatic Brain Injury

brain injury graph

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) amounts to as much as $76 Billion in annual costs in lost wages and productivity in the USA.
Coronado VG et. Journal of Safety Research, 2012

80% of TBI comes from either a fall or blow to the head (as shown in graphic).

Hard hats are the first line of defense against TBI for workers today.
ISHN / Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

“If rotational acceleration is the cause of brain injury, how does the helmet protect the brain?”
Professor Albert I. King

According to a NIOSH study, Industrial/Construction face some of the highest risks for Traumatic Brain Injuries.
ISHN / Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

The facts

Driven by Data

graph with data on height of falls

Over 80% of TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) come from either a fall or a blow to the head. 53% of which are below 6 feet.
ISHN / Industrial Safety & Hygiene News

It’s critical that the helmet you are wearing reduces the force of the blow no matter what the angle.

Higher rotational accelerations carry a greater risk of causing brain injury.
Analysis and Prevention 124 (2019)

WaveCel system - up to 73% more absorption of rotational force than a standard helmet.
Analysis and Prevention 124 (2019)

The WaveCel system is exceptional at mitigating rotational forces that cause brain injury in real-world settings.

Science with style

Never Compromise

  • Most hardhats
  • Reasearched in the USA
  • Designed in the USA
  • Engineered in the USA
  • Sourced in the USA
  • Made in the USA

Rigorously tested internally, and confirmed by independent outside labs.

In a recent scientific study, WaveCel hard hats reduced rotational forces by up to 68%, yielding up to 10 times lower predicted concussion risk compared to a standard Type 2 hard hat.
Analysis and Prevention 124 (2019)

A team of surgeons, scientists, engineers and researchers… All chasing the safest helmet technology.

Designed for Safety. Tested Beyond Standards.

Science with style


Science with style

t2max hardhat

Science with style

t2pro hardhat
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wave cell chasing safest slide
wave cell chasing safest slide
wave cell chasing safest slide


WaveCel Science